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Record Office Searches

This is the easiest way for you to continue your own research when you live a distance away from the Archives that hold the records you want. It might be that you only want a single document, and that does not warrent your travelling costs to obtain it, or that you are not sure you will be able to find the document amoungst many similar documents that you are unfamiliar with.

I can provide a search and copy (or transcribe) service.
  • If I can identify that your record is already available electronically,  I will obtain a copy and advise you that a search was not necessary (I will only charge for the time this takes me).
  • Most Record Offices allow digital photography of original records, and I will use this whenever possible.
  • When unavailable, I will either use the Record Office copying service or transcribe the record for you.
  • Searches at Record Offices include items such as wills, inventories, newspaper stories, burial records and land tax.
  • I am also experienced in finding documents at the National Archives, particularly for documents in Latin. These documents are normally catalogued by county/year and therefore it is necessary to look thrrough each bundle to find the record you are requesting.
I can provide this service across the South East of England including London, but I am regularly at the National Records Office (Kew), Surrey History Centre (Woking), East Sussex Record Office (The Keep, Falmer), West Sussex Record Office (Chichester), Kent History Centre (Maidstone) & The Society of Genealogists (Central London).
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