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I have been researching local history and Genealogy for over 25 years. Publishing over 100 articles relating to the history of the East Grinstead area. I also have significant experience in the study of vernacular architecture and have been published in the Vernacular Architecture journal which is the National authority on the subject.

I specialise in the following areas:-
  • Family History - Whether you want to start your research with my guidance or have me trace your family tree for you, I can provide the expertise to solve those difficult problems that arise in Genealogy. I can produce large-scale colour charts of your family tree to mount on a wall or be the focal point for a family reunion.
  • Manorial Records - To trace family trees and properties prior to 1700 is it usually necessary to study the Manorial Court records. These records are normally in Latin until the mid 1700's. I have studied and translated numerous Manorial records and can use this expertise to provide details relating to property transactions and inheritance before 1900.
  • Timber Framed Buildings - I can provide a complete service to interpret your house, determine its date of construction and also carry out the documentary research to chart its owners and occupiers over the centuries.
  • Historic Landscape sudies - This is particularly relevant for Parish and Village studies, I use maps, aerial photography and fieldwork to understand how the landscape has influenced the settlement patterns. I have previously managed to identify ancient tracks, medieval field systems, water management for moated houses as well as early medieval boundaries.
  • Professional presentation of my work. I have Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Graphics software as well as large format printing capabilities (up to A0) to provide you with the presentation materials for your project. This could be an artistic impression of your house when it was built, a montage of photographs, an illustrated Parish Map or a colourful family tree... family trees can even be printed up to 10m long!
  • Much of my work involves providing photographic copies of original records from the Record Offices. High resolution images enable the documents to be easily read and can be sent to you by email. This enables you to get the specific records you want without personally going to the Record Office. I can provide this service across the South East of England including London, but am regularly at the National Records Office (Kew), Surrey History Centre (Woking), East Sussex Record Office (The Keep, Falmer), West Sussex Record Office (Chichester), Kent History Centre (Maidstone) & The Society of Genealogists (Central London).
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